Our best advertising are the words of our former participants.


Christopher Reisner

“Impact has changed my life! The whole program is physically and psychologically challenging, but the reward afterwards is mind-blowing. During the 8 weeks Martin and his team are like guardian angels. They helped me to stay motivated and to reach my goals on all mind-body-soul levels.”



Josephine Morrisey

“The impact program has definitely impacted on my life. It showed me that I can eliminate bad habits if I really want to, like eating too much sugar which is a big problem for me. It is a great holistic approach to changing all aspects of your life - emotional, spiritual and physical. Martin is an absolute rock and a great patient teacher. The continuous support from him and the team is critical to the success of this program. I will be forever grateful for the help they have given me and the guidance they have shown me to live a happier healthier life. “



Eric Otto

Doing the impact program with Martin has changed my life. It has increased my physical, mental and emotional well being as never before by teaching me a better way to feed my body and mind. Completing the program was full of challenges but overcoming them gave me great strength and serenity. The impact team is a wonderful group of teachers and healers that guide you through the process with care and love. If you are thinking about doing the Impact program i can only tell you that it is well worth your time, money and effort. It will change your life.