Martin Ekhom

Lead guide/Movement trainer

Martin is the founder of Impact. He spend his time guiding and training people to become the best version of themselves. He lives as he learns and have a strong passion for health and human development. He has been pursuing his own journey of self-optimization and development for many years and created The Impact Program to provide everyone with the opportunity to choose a vital and healthy life with a more meaningful purpose. He works for less separation between people and to introduce more wholeness and oneness so that we can share and explore this beautiful thing that we call life on an optimal level together.


Lucas Harper

Shamanic Yoga

Lucas Harper leads The Shamanic Yogi sessions and serves as a guide for the participants to gain experienced based knowledge by leading the participants towards their own journey of Self discovery within the program. Lucas primary purposes are to empower & inspire the best version of yourself and to encourage the mastery of your true identity as "Consciousness". “My goal is not to teach you anything but to show you how to connect with your own inner guru, to awaken the master within your heart and mind.


Alena Candova

Yoga Teacher

Alena Čandová is our Yoga teacher. She has dedicated to all areas of her practice from asana & meditation to mindful contemplation and has become a "finder" amongst the seekers of life's truths. A sweet, compassionate leader and teacher Alena turns a physical practice into an enjoyable journey of learning more about the dynamic body and building stronger inner awareness.


Gabriel Sabou

Massage therapist

Gabriel is our healing massage therapist. He has an extensive knowledge of osteopathy and quiromassage techniques. As part of the Impact guides, he offers holistic full-body signature massage treatments that will include detailed work on the precise areas where your body may need to help to release tensions and to reach your optimal state of being.